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Taste Fast

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Enjoy Our Delicious Food

Food is our passion and Taste Fast Restaurant is the best fast food restaurant in Dinajpur always works with healthy and good ingredients and try as much as possible to choose Bangladeshi organic fast foods. With great care for our environment and that the food we serve should be of the highest quality, we hope to be able to offer something for all tastes and taste fast dinajpur.

Best Fast Food Restaurant in Dinajpur City

A dish is always vegetarian, which is much appreciated by our guests. We make all our food ourselves and work as much as possible with 100 percent organic products. We want to serve good and healthy food with love and care. 

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Organic Food

We are all very inspired and have already started the Delicious food.Our ambition is to provide updates on an ongoing basis about the work.

Fast Delivery

We have responsible for building up and running the delivery function with a focus on quality, flexibility and a well-functioning operation.That's Why Taste Fast is the Best Fast Food Restaurant In Dinajpur City.

Coverage Area

We Deliver 100% coverage area of whole Dinajpur City.

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Chicken corn soup


Chicken Corn Soup

৳190 10% off

Chicken Chowmein


Chicken Chow Mein

৳130 10% off

Chicken Lollipop


Chicken lollipop

৳160 10% off

Chicken Steak


Chicken Steak

৳170 10% off

Vegetable Pasta


Vegetable Pasta

৳120 10% off 



Crispy Chicken fry

৳90 10% off